1. Physical Assessment

Before starting your program, your assigned coach will complete a basic physical assessment which includes a biometric health screen. A biometric health screen focuses on specific key measures that allows you to identify if you are at risk for certain health conditions. These measures consist of several components including blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and body composition. At this time, your coach will sit down with you to get a clear understanding of your goals, and what you hope to accomplish. You will also get a better understanding of the Jumpstart Health program and what to expect in the weeks to come.


2. Individualized Program

We create an individualized plan tailored to your health needs and goals. Your health coach will remain in contact with you throughout your program including in home assessments until your goals are met. During your program, your coach will serve as your accountability partner to help keep you on track and motivate you every step of the way. We utilize a messaging application so you have direct access to your coach if ever in need of clarification of diet, exercise, or lifestyle choices. 


3. Goal is Met

Upon completion of your program, we take another biometric health screen to help measure the difference between where you started, and where you are now. Your program is not complete until your goals are met and that is our promise to you. Once your goals are met, we give you resources to help maintain your life long journey of health.